FAQ About Dementia Training

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Answers to your questions about the Dementia Capable Care training program.

1. Will I earn Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for attending the Dementia Capable Care (DCC) training program?

You will receive a Certificate of Completion documenting the Contact Hours and IACET CEUs for completing Dementia Capable Care training, along with any pre-approved Boards. For more information on specific pre-approved Continuing Education and Training Boards, visit our Continuing Education Information page.

2. Will my learners earn CEUs when participating in training conducted by a Certified Instructor?

Your learners can earn IACET CEUs for completing the online course (which is the first part of our blended delivery training). For CEUs from the Live Classroom or Virtual training, the Certified Instructor should apply to relevant Board(s) for their learners. To learn more about applying for CEU approval for your learners, log in to My Account.

3. What does it mean to obtain the Dementia Capable Care Specialist Credential?

Having the Dementia Capable Care Specialist Credential means that you:

  • Are formally recognized to apply Dementia Capable Care training within your organization.
  • Are established as a dementia training professional who values comprehensive learning and enhancing your expertise.
  • Are committed to delivering person-centered care for those living with dementia, and you are devoted to the health, safety and welfare of persons at all stages of dementia.

4. How do you earn the Dementia Capable Care Specialist Credential?

You successfully complete and pass the Dementia Capable Care training program (approximately 7 hours of training). This credential can be obtained by both Certified Instructors and learners within your organization who receive training from the Certified Instructor.

5. Who can earn the Dementia Capable Care Specialist Credential?

This credential can be earned by any health care professional who is responsible for providing care to those living at different stages of dementia. If you would like more information about offering training to family members or loved ones, please contact us.

6. Is there a fee for earning or maintaining Dementia Capable Care Specialist Credential?

There is no fee for earning or maintaining this credential. But each learner is required to use the participant workbook to complete training; the credential can be found in the back of the participant workbook. To order workbooks, log in to My Account.

Note: This credential comes in the form of a card, which instructors and learners keep as a record of completed training.

7. How long is the credential valid and how frequently does it need to be renewed?

The Certified Instructor will indicate on the credential card the amount of time the credential is available. We recommend that your learners undergo training once a year to renew their credential. To renew, your learners must re-take the Dementia Capable Care training with a new participant workbook.

Note: Certified Instructors are required to renew their instructor certification every two years, at which point they will also receive a renewed credential.

8. Can the online course be licensed and loaded into my company’s Learning Management System (LMS)?

Currently, we do not provide this option.

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