Workplace Bullying

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Workplace bullying is often hard to identify—and even harder to manage. It comes in many forms, occurs at every level, and often goes unnoticed and unaddressed until it leads to more devastating consequences. CPI developed this seminar to raise awareness about workplace bullying and help proactive employees, supervisors, managers, and executives influence and manage the risks by understanding the nature and bottom-line impact of bullying. This half-day seminar incorporates lecture, case study, exercises, and discussion to influence behavior related to building and maintaining respectful, service-oriented, and safe workplace practices.


Seminar Overview
This seminar offers strategies and practical information about workplace bullying that you and your organization can put to use immediately. Participants will learn to:


SEE IT — by identifying what workplace bullying is—and what it is not—and by gaining the skills to distinguish bullying from other challenging workplace behaviors.


CALL IT — by learning strategies for constructively and respectfully asserting individual boundaries within company protocol.


STOP IT — by making a positive influence on organizational culture and developing a comprehensive plan to manage and influence workplace bullying through policies, procedures, and practice.


Who Should Attend?

  • Managers and supervisors responsible for developing policies and procedures.
  • Health care professionals interested in helping their organizations comply with the Joint Commission’s recent recommendations and requirements. [Download alignment]
  • Executive leadership, human resources staff, and other professionals responsible for compliance to legislative mandates.
  • Employees who are committed to proactively promoting a workplace culture that does not tolerate bullying.

Participants Will:
  • Define workplace bullying.
  • Identify the related concepts of discourtesy, disrespect, incivility, harassment, intimidation, and aggression.
  • Explore objectives for differentiating bullying from other challenging workplace behaviors.
  • Develop strategies to minimize the possibility of bullying and promote a respectful work environment.
  • Identify the steps to appropriately respond to acts of incivility and bullying.
  • Examine constructive guidelines for building policies and procedures for preventing and responding to workplace bullying.



Bring This Seminar to Your Organization

We can also bring this seminar directly to your facility and tailor it to meet the unique needs and specific challenges of your organization. With on-site training you have the flexibility to train different groups, teams, or departments at the same time and maximize your training budget. Call 877.877.5389 for more details.


CPI guarantees your satisfaction with this program. If you are not 100% satisfied, we’ll send you a full refund.

“This is an excellent and interactive forum that invites different views and methods to manage bullying.” Lorraine Schubert, New York General Hospital

“The resources we left with were very helpful.” Kim Koenig Educational Assistant, Waterloo Educational Assistants Association

What other participants have said:
“This course does a good job of defining bullying and identifying ways to deal with it effectively.”

“All employees need this training—from the top down.”

“The role-playing and extra activities were very helpful in terms of clarifying certain concepts.”

“This is a good reminder to be courteous and respectful not only at work, but outside of work as well.”

“The template for writing policies and procedures is a great resource.”

“The Instructor’s enthusiasm and commitment to the subject matter make this worthwhile.”


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