​Augment Your Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® Training With ASD Concepts

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NCITM Specialized Renewal: Autism Spectrum Disorder (Blended)

As the number of people with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) continues to rise, it’s time to take a truly person-centered approach to caring for and responding to these individuals. With your commitment to Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® training, you’ve already established a foundation of Care, Welfare, Safety, and SecuritySM at your organization—but if you work with individuals on the autism spectrum, this specialized renewal can help you better support them.

The NCITM Specialized Renewal: Autism Spectrum Disorder blended training program teaches Certified Instructors how to customize and adapt Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® training for staff working with individuals on the autism spectrum. Autism presents unique challenges, and this specialized renewal gives you a deeper understanding of why certain behaviors occur, how to intervene, and how to defuse difficult behaviors. Featuring online and classroom components built and adapted from core Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® training concepts, this program allows you to maintain certification in a way that best fits the needs of your organization and those you serve.

Who Should Attend

  • Instructors looking to renew and maintain certification who have also completed a Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® training after July 19, 2015.
  • Anyone interested in learning about the specific needs of the autism community and how to tailor training for staff members supporting those individuals.

Program Details

The NCITM Specialized Renewal: Autism Spectrum Disorder is a blended training program featuring online prework components and two days of in-person classroom training. All components must be completed to successfully pass this program.

ONLINE WORK (completed before attending classroom session)

Part 1 (approximately 1-2 hours)
You’ll view and listen to an online course featuring examples of how individuals on the autism spectrum might handle certain social interactions. You’ll discover new ways to see how cognitive processing differences can be strengths rather than deficits. Using downloadable Instructor Notes, you’ll record what you’ve learned along with examples of how autism in your workplace relates with Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® training concepts.

Online Course Preview


Part 2 (approximately 1 hour)
Next, you’ll view four video-based case studies to connect learnings from the first part of online work with the realities of the real world. You’ll be challenged to choose what to do when presented with specific scenarios and then will be given constructive feedback based on what you pick.


Bring your completed Instructor Notes to the classroom and come prepared to explore how what you’ve learned online relates to your organization’s needs. Featuring a workshop format, this session includes experiential, hands-on participation as you discuss and share your perspective with fellow Certified Instructors.

The second classroom session introduces physical intervention skills with ASD-specific considerations. After practicing these skills, you’ll work on planning how to implement and customize training for your organization. You’ll receive the Autism Spectrum Disorders Training Tool Planner—a guidebook to help you incorporate ASD-specific concepts into the Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® Training Process.

Leave Fully Equipped to Train

Instructors who successfully complete this renewal program can immediately modify their Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® Foundation and Refresher classes and adapt elements as part of an ongoing training process. The program’s included Autism Spectrum Disorders Training Tool Planner allows you to begin customizing your training with easy-to-use facilitation planning tools, tips, and activities—enabling you to create appropriate and relevant training scenarios for staff.

This renewal program includes Instructor Notes and Autism Spectrum Disorders Training Tool Planner to use in conjunction with the Foundation Instructor Guide and (not included) Participant Workbook.

For More Information

For more details about this training or help determining if this program is right for you and your organization, please call 877.877.5390.