Who Should Become a Certified Instructor?

Choosing the right people is key
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Success with CPI starts with determining who’s best suited for Instructor training.

The person or persons you choose should be staff members who lead by example. They should be the ones who champion best practices and positivity in your organization. After all, their attitude will set the tone for all staff who participate in the trainings they teach.

The following attributes make for the most effective Certified Instructors. Who comes to mind when you ask yourself the questions below? The more times you answer “yes” about someone, the better!

A Professional Attitude

An ideal candidate demonstrates compassion and empathy for everyone.

  • Do you have a staff member who shows deep respect for the people your organization supports?
  • Does this person inspire others to be emotionally supportive too—even in the most aggressive moments?
  • Do their actions show that they value safety and security?
  • Do they demonstrate a supportive attitude toward diverse populations?

A Strong Knowledge Base

Someone who will make a great Instructor knows the ins and outs of your organization.

  • Do you have a staff member who has exceptional knowledge of your policies, procedures, structure, and culture?
  • Are they familiar with legislation regarding the use of restraint and seclusion?
  • Do they have a good understanding of your organization’s licensing regulations?

Inspiring Presentation Skills

A well-suited candidate has solid communication skills.

  • Do you have a staff member who has experience or interest in public speaking?
  • Can they present information clearly in a group setting, while successfully leading groups through lectures and active participation exercises?
  • Can they address questions and challenges in a positive, supportive way?

steve-canady.png“You have to, first of all, be a role model. And CPI allows you to do that.” —Steve Canady, Safe Schools Coordinator, North Little Rock High School

The right candidate will become your go-to crisis prevention and intervention expert.
They’ll not only say, “I’m an Instructor—I can handle this” when a tough situation comes up. They’ll also be a leader who teaches others how to bring calm to chaos.

Does this sound like you, or someone in your organization?​Get started with Instructor training!