Foundation Course

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Active Prepare Training® program Certified Instructors are authorized to teach the Foundation Course to other employees within their organizations as a result of successful completion of the Instructor Certification Program.


The Prepare Training® Foundation Course is designed to promote Respect, Service, and Safety at Work®. The principles presented in the course can be used with customers, coworkers, and others.


This Foundation Course provides concrete skills that can be implemented by employees immediately. Alternately, the course can be integrated with one or more Topic Modules to further enrich staff skills in resolving problematic workplace behaviors before they escalate. During this course, participants will learn how difficult, potentially dangerous situations develop, and how their own behaviors can influence the outcome. Participants will also learn strategies to help them maximize safety during confrontations and other important aspects of violence response procedures.


Participants will be enabled to:

  • Recognize early warning signs of anger or hostility.
  • Effectively utilize personal space, body language, and paraverbal communication to relieve tension and defuse hostility.
  • Employ verbal intervention strategies to de-escalate situations before they become more disruptive or potentially dangerous.
  • Maintain an objective and professional attitude when responding to an agitated individual.
  • Invoke four priorities essential to their organization’s Violence Response Procedures.
  • Effectively debrief once Tension Reduction occurs.



  • A minimum of four hours is required for teaching the Foundation Course. Any reduction in the amount of training time lowers program quality.
  • The first pages of the Foundation Course Teaching Notes contain a course outline with suggested time allotments. It is important to present the seven units in sequence to allow content to build upon information presented in previous units.
  • Class size should not exceed 40 participants. Larger groups reduce the quality of the program, and it becomes a challenge to provide Due Care for participants.