Crisis Response Teams

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During a crisis involving possible violence, Crisis Response Team members and other employees need to remain in control in order to mitigate the crisis and maintain Respect, Service, and Safety at Work®. The focus of this Topic Module is on the formation and implementation of Crisis Response Teams to deal with crisis situations involving individuals who have lost—or are at risk of losing—emotional and physical control.

Crisis Response Teams training objectives:

  • Explore the types of crisis events that require response from a Crisis Response Team.
  • Explain the importance of a team approach in responding to crisis situations.
  • Engage in the selection of Crisis Response Team member roles.
  • Summon Crisis Response Team members to a crisis scene when necessary.
  • Establish Crisis Response Team leadership quickly and efficiently.
  • Identify strategies to potentially decrease the likelihood of the violent use of weapons.
  • Describe the value of Crisis Response Team member debriefing following a crisis response.
  • Review and refresh the concepts and skills developed in the Prepare Training® Foundation Course.
  • Establish and maintain a workplace culture of Respect, Service, and Safety at Work®.