Giving Bad News

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Giving bad news is seldom easy, but it is a regular part of many jobs to provide information that an employee or customer does not wish to hear. Bad news may trigger anguish, agitation, even aggression. Making the person happy about bad news is not a realistic goal. However, by preparing in advance and presenting bad news in a way that is direct but tactful, the person is likely to feel supported, and at the very least, treated fairly. This module explores ways to avoid angry confrontations resulting from the delivery of bad news.


Giving Bad News training objectives:

  • Consider the implications of their organization's policies, procedures, and protocols relevant to the delivery of any type of bad news.
  • Prepare for the delivery of bad news.
  • Deliver bad news in a manner that is respectful, service oriented, and physically and emotionally safe for everyone involved.
  • Obtain support after delivering or receiving bad news.
  • Review and refresh the concepts and skills developed in the Prepare Training® Foundation Course.
  • Establish or maintain a workplace culture of Respect, Service, and Safety at Work®.