Situational Applications

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Most people face difficult and challenging situations at work from time to time—perhaps as a matter of routine. Frequent review and practice of the concepts and skills gained through the Prepare Training® program help to incorporate constructive problem solving into everyday behavior and decision making at work.


The Situational Applications Topic Module provides an opportunity for practical application of the content covered during the Foundation Course and other Topic Modules. Stepping further into workplace realities, more in-depth practical application is included. This module incorporates a structured review of major topics previously covered and pairs that review with guided practice and supportive feedback.


Situational Applications training objectives:

  • Review and refresh the concepts and skills developed in the Prepare Training® Foundation Course.
  • Apply concepts and skills from the Foundation Course and other Topic Modules to realistic workplace situations.
  • Experience and value the perspectives of others during a conflict or crisis situation.
  • Identify methods for obtaining support after problem situations and critical incidents.
  • Establish or maintain a workplace culture of Respect, Service, and Safety at Work®.
  • Promote teamwork through collaborative problem solving.