Verbal Intervention Training

Virtual de-escalation training for low-risk, hands-off organizations.

Training To Verbally De‑escalate Disruptive Behaviors

Verbal Intervention (VI) Training prepares your staff to identify, respond to, and prevent low-risk crisis behavior with non-restrictive intervention techniques. Instructor Certification Programs for VI are delivered in an online and live virtual format.

Identify with the Crisis Development Model
CPI’s proprietary framework introduces a 4-step process for turning crises into an opportunity for positive outcomes.
Respond with verbal de-escalation techniques
VI teaches trainees non-restrictive verbal interventions, such as limit-setting, that effectively de-escalate challenging behavior.
Understand what's behind the behavior
Explores the effects of trauma and the psychology of the brain on the person in crisis as well as the responding individual.

7 Principles for Effective Verbal Intervention

Download this free guide to learn strategies for remaining calm, watching body language, and using reflective questioning when avoiding physical confrontation with an individual in distress.

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Crisis Prevention Statistics

CPI Training Makes a Sustainable Impact

Our evidence-based crisis prevention programs have measurable impacts on the organizations we serve.

Add Specialty Topics

Enhance Your Verbal Intervention Training

CPI offers specialty topic programs that deepen a trainee's understanding of risk behavior displayed by unique populations of individuals. These are supplemental to the material presented in our core Verbal Intervention program.

Autism Spectrum Disorder
Learn the characteristics, strengths, and needs of individuals with autism alongside safe, proactive intervention strategies.
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Mental Health
Learn to identify mental health disorders and address the stigma surrounding them empathetically.
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Learn trauma-informed verbal de-escalation techniques for understanding and aiding trauma-impacted individuals.
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Our Training Approach

Our train-the-trainer framework increases fidelity and adoption and ensures the most relevant training is delivered based on roles and risk levels.

More to Explore

Techniques for All Roles and Risk Levels

With tiered levels of training, we offer customizable solutions that fit every role and risk level to foster organization-wide safety and well-being.

Verbal Intervention Training

Instills the confidence and skills to verbally de-escalate disruptive behaviors.

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Common de-escalation communication framework
Proactive verbal de-escalation strategies

Nonviolent Crisis Intervention Training

Provides the skills to safely disengage and intervene in crisis situations.

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Common de-escalation communication framework
Proactive verbal de-escalation strategies
Safety intervention and disengagement skills

NCI With Advanced Physical Skills

Teaches safe and advanced disengagement skills for higher-risk roles.

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Common de-escalation communication framework
Proactive verbal de-escalation strategies
Safety intervention and disengagement skills
Advanced intervention skills for high-risk behavior
CPI Offers Continuing Education
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