West Virginia School Districts Can Receive Free Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® training.

CPI and the West Virginia Department of Education are working together to transform schools across the state.

Empower your staff.

CPI’s cornerstone program, Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® training, teaches the practical skills and strategies needed to safely manage disruptive and assaultive behavior. Thanks to funding from the West Virginia Department of Education, every education program in the state can send people through Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® Instructor Certification training for free! There’s never been a better time to establish a sustainable culture of safety at your school.

By focusing on addressing the continuum of behaviors that can lead to dangerous situations, our time-tested training provides your staff with an effective framework for decision making and problem solving—serving as the foundation for an district-wide crisis intervention plan.

Why Organizations Resolve Their Challenges With CPI

Reducing Dangerous Incidents

With crisis intervention training, you reduce risk and injury at your organization—letting students learn and teachers teach—without compromise.

Improving School Culture

A true culture of safety at your school empowers staff to manage disruptive behaviors—leaving everybody with a safer work environment improves school-wide attitudes and performance.

Improving Staff Confidence in Challenging Situations

Give staff the confidence they need to work through difficult situations involving disruptive or possibly assaultive individuals.

Reducing Workers’ Compensation Claims

Not only do disruptive behaviors adversely affect staff morale and their ability to perform, they take a toll on your school's finances.

Improving Staff Skills to Manage Risk

Focusing on de-escalation and early intervention, CPI training provides staff with an effective framework for decision making and problem solving—equipping them with the skills to transform your school.

Achieving Regulatory Compliance

Avoid penalties and fines from regulatory oversight groups while meeting industry accreditation requirements.

A True Culture of Safety Starts Here

Certify Few. Train Many.

You send key staff to a three-day in-person training course to become Certified Instructors. After sending them to become certified, they return with the knowledge, intervention techniques, and facilitation skills needed to train the rest of your organization.

Upcoming program dates

July 23-25, 2018    Tamarack (Beckley)
July 24-26, 2018     Four Points Sheraton (Charleston)
July 24-26, 2018     Wheeling Park High School (Wheeling)

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