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Coordination Matters


95% of Certified Instructors agree that CPI content helps them keep staff safer.

Prevent workplace violence by training your entire staff.

Because crisis can happen anywhere, all staff members need awareness around violence prevention and how to respond. A comprehensive organization-wide training plan bridges the gap between support staff who can recognize early signs of violent behavior with those who respond to higher-risk situations—creating a truly coordinated workplace violence safety program.

The Risk Stratification Matrix
The Risk Stratification Matrix

Recommended Training For Highest Risk Employees:
Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® Foundation Course with Advanced Physical Skills

Who: Staff, Urgent Care, Behavioral Health, Psych Staff, Security

Recommended Training For High and Medium Risk Employees: Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® Foundation Course

Who: Pediatrics, Outpatient, Intake Desks

Recommended Training For Low Risk Employees:
CPI Prevention First for Healthcare

Who: Transportation, Volunteers, Telephone Support, Customer Service, Administrators, Finance, Pharmacy

With CPI's time-tested training options, we can create the right solution for whatever your organization's workplace violence prevention plan needs. Together, we can empower your entire staff to de-escalate crises and achieve positive outcomes for the ones you care for, helping establish a true culture of safety at your organization.

A Truly Holistic Training Solution

Training almost all 3,500 of their employees across six hospitals, seven senior care centers, and 18 clinics, the CentraCare Health system of central Minnesota is proof that an all-encompassing training initiative improves staff safety and decreases risk.


80% reduction in lost work days due to aggressive incidents.


61% reduction (between fiscal years 2012 and 2015) in worker's compensation costs due to aggressive incidents.

"We really like [CPI Training] because it's so versatile and can work in a variety of settings... It does allow us that ability to tailor the content we need to have to the staff's most pressing needs."
James Gulbranson, Security Officer
CentraCare Health System

Let's Work Together

It all starts here. We follow these three steps to determine how CPI training fits with your organization's unique circumstances and needs.

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1) Discovery

We start by discussing your business and its needs, policies and regulations you need to follow, and how your staff interacts with the ones you care for.

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2) Design

After discovering the structure of your company and staff, we create a custom plan based on your organization's specific situation.

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3) Implementation

As your partner, we help you implement a coordinated workplace violence prevention plan at your organization with free on-call support when you need it.

Let's Talk

Call us at 888.426.2184 or email us at solutions@crisisprevention.com to make CPI training the foundation of your organization-wide workplace violence prevention plan.