​Break the cycle of workplace violence With CPI Prevention First

Confident & competent workers are the key to a successful workplace violence prevention program

95% of our customers say they improved staff de-escalation skills and overall safety with CPI training.
And that begins with giving more of your staff the appropriate situational assessment skills and practical de-escalation strategies to recognize potentially escalating situations. Expand awareness of workplace violence and the behaviors that cause it with CPI Prevention First, an accessible and affordable online course that helps protect every corner of your hospital. Empower everyone at your organization to reduce workplace violence prevention and achieve positive outcomes by:
  • Preventing burnout
  • Reducing turnover
  • Avoiding workers’ compensation losses
  • Creating a sustainable culture of safety

This introductory training option deepens your staff’s awareness of risk and helps unify your entire organization by establishing a common language informed by shared values. CPI Prevention First is a five-part online-only course designed to provide health care staff with general awareness of verbal intervention and the stages of a crisis. It combines practical de-escalation strategies with common sense language, enabling staff across your entire facility to stay safer by recognizing crisis situations and knowing when and how to call for additional support from others.

Cost-effective and streamlined to prepare your entire organization to deal with the unpredictable reality of crises, CPI Prevention First is an essential part of a holistic workplace violence prevention training solution.

Whatever your organization needs, we have the right solutions.

Every organization is different, with its own risks, responsibilities, and requirements. That’s why our violence prevention experts custom-curate a training solution for your unique needs. You can prepare and empower everyone at your organization to effectively manage crisis and achieve positive outcomes with the appropriate training.
Safe and advanced deceleration, disengagement, and physical intervention techniques (including supported prone and supine) to control highest-risk situations involving dangerous behaviors. HIGHEST RISK LEVEL: RESTRAIN
CPI Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® Advanced Skills
Designed for staff who frequently encounter dangerous or complex behaviors by teaching advanced decision-making skills and physical intervention techniques.
Decision-making tools to understand how to intervene in escalating situations, and when to use physical interventions like holding skills, if necessary. HIGH RISK LEVEL: INTERVENE
CPI Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® Training
Designed to train staff to recognize and verbally de-escalate crisis situations but also be prepared to safely use physical interventions with an emphasis on decision making and the least use of force required.
Verbal de-escalation skills and safety strategies to respond to and stop potential crisis situations from ever arising. MEDIUM RISK LEVEL: RESPOND
CPI Verbal Intervention
Designed to train staff to recognize and verbally de-escalate potential crisis situations.
Situational assessment skills and practical de-escalation strategies to recognize and understand potentially escalating situations. LOW RISK LEVEL: RECOGNIZE
CPI Prevention First
Focused on providing staff general awareness and teaching the basic concepts of verbal intervention, stages of a crisis, recognizing precipitating factors, and when to call for assistance.

Success With CPI Training: CentraCare Health System

Training almost all 3,500 of their employees across six hospitals, seven senior care centers, and 18 clinics, the CentraCare Health system of central Minnesota is proof that an all-encompassing training initiative improves staff safety and decreases risk.
80% reduction in lost work days due to aggressive incidents.
Reduced workers’ compensation costs due to aggressive incidents by 61%. between fiscal years 2012 and 2015

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