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Coordination Matters


95% of our customers say they improved staff de-escalation skills and overall safety with CPI training.

Safer and More Productive Workplaces Through Inclusive Violence Prevention Training

Together with CPI, you can empower everyone at your organization to effectively de-escalate crises and achieve positive outcomes—making staff safer. We'll help you:

  • Prevent burnout
  • Reduce turnover
  • Avoid workers’ compensation losses

We have the right time-tested training solutions, for all levels of risk, that are foundational to a workplace violence prevention plan. As your partner in safety, we’ll help implement a plan to ensure you achieve the best possible outcomes for the ones you care for.

Because a crisis can happen anywhere and involve anyone, everyone on staff needs to know how to handle potentially violent situations. Equipping everyone, from receptionists and nurses to the director of security, with the skills and confidence to recognize and respond to disruptive behaviors is the key to an inclusive and coordinated workplace violence safety program—unifying your organization with a common language of shared values.

The Risk Stratification Matrix


These staff members encounter dangerous and complex behaviors the most frequently. They also typically shoulder the responsibility to intervene when these behaviors occur. They’re often part of a Crisis Response Team or code group.
Recommended Training for Highest Risk Employees:
Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® Foundation Course With Advanced Physical Skills
Who: Behavioral Health, Psych Staff, Security


These staff members sometimes encounter verbal or physical risk behaviors. They need to know how to safely disengage from these behaviors or intervene where appropriate. They’re not usually required to assist other teams with these issues, and aren’t typically part of a Crisis Response Team or code group.
Recommended training for High Level Risk Employees:
Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® Foundation Course
Who: Emergency Services, Urgent Care, Pharmacy



These staff members sometimes encounter verbal or physical risk behaviors. However, they’re not responsible for intervening when they encounter these situations. They still need to be able to safely disengage from them, and call the right team members for help.
Recommended training for Medium Level Risk Employees:
Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® Foundation Course
Who: Pediatrics, Outpatient, Intake Desks



These staff members rarely encounter risk behaviors, and if they do, they’re typically verbal. They do have the opportunity to recognize the precipitating factors that can escalate into crisis, and should be prepared to proactively call for assistance.
Recommended Training for Lower Risk Employees:
CPI Prevention First
Who: Transportation, Volunteers, Telephone Support, Customer Service, Administrators, Finance, Pharmacy

A Truly Holistic Training Solution

Training almost all 3,500 of their employees across six hospitals, seven senior care centers, and 18 clinics, the CentraCare Health system of central Minnesota is proof that an all-encompassing training initiative improves staff safety and decreases risk.


80% reduction in lost work days due to aggressive incidents.


Reduced (between fiscal years 2012 and 2015) workers’ compensation costs due to aggressive incidents by 61%.

"We really like [CPI Training] because it's so versatile and can work in a variety of settings. It does allow us that ability to tailor the content we need to have to the staff's most pressing needs."
James Gulbranson, Security Officer
CentraCare Health System

Partners in Safety

Implementing a workplace violence prevention training program starts here. Contact us and discover how CPI training can look and function at your organization, ultimately helping you ensure the safety of every employee and individual under your watch.

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1) Discovery

We start by getting to know you—asking questions about your goals, budget issues, policies, and procedures—to better understand your organization’s needs.

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2) Design

After getting to know you, a full team from CPI creates a custom plan based on your organization’s specific needs and situation—setting you up for success from the get-go.

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3) Implementation

As your partner in safety, we help you implement a coordinated workplace violence prevention plan at your organization with free on-call support when you need it.

Achieve Safety Through Inclusion

Call 888.426.2184 or email solutions@crisisprevention.com to discover how inclusive violence prevention training gets you the positive outcomes you need.