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Allen Cognitive Level Screen (ACLS)

Allen Cognitive Level Screen (ACLS) image

Allen Cognitive Level Screen (ACLS)

Code: PKGS0649
Our Price: $88.00 USD

Leather Lacing Tools for Quick Assessments

The Allen Cognitive Level Screen (ACLS) is also referred to as the leather lacing tool. Use it to obtain a quick measure of a client’s:

  • Global cognitive processing capacities
  • Learning potential
  • Performance abilities

You’ll also find this leather lacing tool helpful for detecting unrecognized or suspected problems related to functional cognition.

Two sizes of leather lacing tools are available: the standard size (ACLS) and a larger size (LACLS) for persons with vision or hand-function problems. The larger version (LACLS) is also available as part of the Dementia Therapy Resource Kit.
FREE WITH EACH ORDER: With each ACLS, you’ll receive one free Trifold Scoring Card, a pocket-sized reference of the scoring tables from the ACLS-5 Manual!


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