COVID-19 Conflict Prevention Training Course

Are your staff facing an increasing number of angry customers as a result of stricter Covid-19 rules? Do they have the skills and confidence to safely manage escalating and aggressive behaviour? The Crisis Prevention Institute has developed a low cost, online training course to help your staff deal effectively with challenging situations, such as a customer who refuses to wear a mask.

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Take a look at the video below to see a sample scenario:

Our new Covid-19 Conflict Prevention programme uses proven methods from an organisation that has been a global leader in de-escalation training for more than 40 years and has trained more than 15 million professionals worldwide.

This course runs for between 60 - 75 minutes, is tablet-friendly, and is perfect for:

  • Customer-facing staff, including store and security employees.
  • Staff who may encounter customers who choose to not follow government or shop policies involving social distancing, mask wearing, or limits to the number of people who can be in the store at any one time.
 Participants learn:
  • How to identify the stages of a person becoming agitated.
  • Verbal de-escalation skills.
  • Strategies to prevent a crisis.
  • Other techniques to keep your staff and customers safe.

All these methods are illustrated using Covid-compliant scenarios, in familiar settings.
This training has already been adopted by the NRF (National Retail Federation) in the US. Matthew Shay, President and CEO, says: “These new credentials will give employees the training they need to continue operating and serving customers safely.

Note: Each seat invoice is valid for 12 months after purchase.