CPI Prevention First

$17.49 USD AWHE1001

CPI Prevention First is a five-part online-only course designed to provide health care staff with general awareness of verbal intervention and the stages of a crisis. It combines practical de-escalation strategies with common sense language, enabling staff across your entire facility to stay safer by recognizing crisis situations and knowing when and how to call for additional support from others.

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This introductory training option deepens your staff’s awareness of risk and helps unify your entire organization by establishing a common language informed by shared values. A true culture of safety means everyone on staff has the skills to reduce workplace violence. Realistic, high-quality, video-based activities give participants a first-hand view into risk behaviors, how they look, and how to respond to them—providing your staff with an effective framework for situation assessment.
This online course is perfect for:
  • Staff who need the confidence and skills to recognize disruptive behaviors and the understanding of who to call for assistance.
  • Health care providers, including but not limited to: health care professionals, receptionists, assistants, long-term care providers, behavioral health professionals, and mental health care providers.
Cost-effective and streamlined to prepare your entire organization to deal with the unpredictable reality of crises, CPI Prevention First is an essential part of a holistic workplace violence prevention training solution.

Each seat invoice is valid for 12 months after purchase.