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StealthWearTM Active AideTM Forearm Protectors

StealthWearTM Active AideTM  Forearm Protectors image

StealthWearTM Active AideTM Forearm Protectors

Code: STFGOP01
Our Price: $59.95 USD
Available in sizes S–2XL. Select size based on forearm measurement.

The Forearm Protectors (also available in the Upper Body PPE Kit) are designed to keep you safe while performing functions like writing, feeding, and toileting. The strategically located, single-seam design offers optimal protection from hits and bites. Contoured hand and forearm pad shape provides the perfect balance between protection and mobility.
Please note: CPI does not specifically advise the use of personal protective equipment as a component of its training program or with regard to its use in a care setting. That said, personal protection equipment that offers staff some level of protection from known interventions may be appropriate in some cases. The decision to use such equipment should be reviewed to ensure that it not only provides staff with a level of security but also does not create undue anxiety for the client. Also, the PPE should be used solely as a defensive measure and should not be used in an offensive manner.

Currently available in the U.S. and Canada only.

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