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The Angry Smile Online Course

The Angry Smile Online Course image

The Angry Smile Online Course

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Understanding Passive Aggressive Behavior

This online resource helps caregivers understand passive aggressive behavior and improve their intervention skills. It was developed by Dr. Nicholas Long from the Life Space Crisis Intervention Institute.   

With four hours of interactive video and nine modules, this online course features Dr. Signe Whitson, Chief Operating Officer at the LSCI Institute. The course includes: 

•    The Angry Smile book
•    Downloadable course manual
•    Study guide
•    Test to assess learning 

If you’re a CPI Certified Instructor, you can provide this resource to all staff at your organization. Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® training is not a prerequisite for your participants to take this course.  

When it comes to understanding passive aggressive behavior and dealing with it effectively, this course is key. Hundreds of educators, counselors, social workers, youth workers, and parents who have completed this course love the value-added opportunity and the on-demand format. The in-depth instruction delves into: 

•    The development of pathways to a passive-aggressive personality.
•    Reasons people use passive-aggressive behavior.
•    Five levels of passive-aggressive behavior.
•    The Passive-Aggressive Conflict Cycle.
•    Eight skills for effectively responding to passive-aggressive behavior.
•    Six steps for changing passive-aggressive behavior in the long term. 

Continuing Education Credits for completing The Angry Smile Online Course should be applied for through the participant’s school district continuing education program.
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