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Many organizations using the Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® training program look to help fund additional training through grants and awards. The websites listed here offer links to potential grantors and provide other tips and information to help you look for funding. Funding opportunities change often, so be sure to check these sources regularly for updates. Read each opportunity carefully; many are very specific about what type of organization is eligible and what projects will and will not be funded.

US Governmental Grant Sources

Local, state, and federal governments often have funding assistance available, but navigating the various governmental agencies in search of grants can be difficult. We have compiled the following list of sources to help narrow your search.

Grants.gov is a one-stop resource to electronically search all grants available from US federal sources. 

Department of Education (DOE)
The US DOE administers numerous programs to help educators fund efforts to increase safety and achievement. General information is available, as well as information about Office of Safe and Drug-Free Schools (OSDFS) programs and Race to the Top District (RTT-D) competitions.

Grant Foundations and Other Private Sources

Private foundations are also an excellent source for funding your training project. The links below provide search engines and tools to help you find private entities that can help fund your training.

Grant Wrangler
Grant Wrangler is a free grants-listing service from Nimble Press. It offers a tool to help find grant monies for schools, and includes links to other grant-related resources. This site also publishes The Grant Wrangler Bulletin, a monthly eNewsletter that includes the latest grants and awards information. 

Fundsnet provides a state-by-state listing of nongovernmental funding available for a variety of projects. 

SchoolGrants provides grant information to pre-K–12 educators. This site includes a number of links to potential grantors and provides information to help you search for and write your grants. 

The Foundation Center
Part of the Foundation Center’s mission is to provide education and training for grant seekers. As a top authority on philanthropy and grant making, the Foundation Center collaborates with libraries, community foundations, and several other nonprofit grant resource centers across the country to provide free funding information centers. 

Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America (CADCA)
CADCA provides an excellent resource page with tips and strategies for writing successful grants.

Online Help/Resources

Once you have found a source for funding, your next step is to apply. The resources listed below can help you write a compelling grant proposal.

Grant Writers Online
Grant Writers Online provides free resources on grant writing, including information about what to include in your grant proposal, grant-writing mistakes, and samples of grant proposals. 

This website provides definitions of the key terms associated with grants.

Show Me the Money: Tips and Resources for Successful Grant Writing
This article gives excellent guidance on grant writing. 

Campus Safety Grant Strategies: Your 1st Steps
This Campus Safety article provides grant-writing strategies.

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