Unrestrained: A CPI Podcast

Welcome to Unrestrained, the new podcast series from CPI. Here you’ll have a chance to enjoy conversations where professionals on all sides of crisis and behavior management relax and open up about themselves, their workplace, and their clients. You’ll hear unique stories, entertaining anecdotes, and get the latest tips and trends from the best in the business. Tune in often for the opportunity to integrate their experiences with your own.
Unrestrained - Episode 38, Guest: Candace Burckhardt
Hosted by Terry Vittone | Recorded on 03.16.2017 | Length 20:45
Candace Burckhardt, a special education coordinator with Indigo Education, explains how CPI’s Flex blended learning option helps charter schools save money.  Read more »
Unrestrained - Episode 37, Guest: Diana Graber
Hosted by Terry Vittone | Recorded on 02.15.2017 | Length 40:09
Diana Graber, a recognized expert in digital literacy, talks about teaching kids the responsibilities of digital citizenship. Read more »
Unrestrained - Episode 36, Guest: Albertus Kral
Hosted by Terry Vittone | Recorded on 01.18.2017 | Length 45:00
Check out this podcast to learn how the television show Little House on the Prairie and its themes of compassion, forgiveness, and inclusion inspired a residential treatment center for troubled kids. Read more »
Unrestrained - Episode 35, Guest: Bob Durand
Hosted by Terry Vittone | Recorded on 12.14.2016 | Length 37:15
Bob Durand, practice leader for healthcare giant Kaiser Permanente, talks about how CPI training helps them eliminate injuries in their San Francisco emergency department. Read more »
Unrestrained - Episode 34, Guest: Jeff Holland
Hosted by Terry Vittone | Recorded on 11.9.2016 | Length 24:43
Jeff Holland, quality assurance manager at the Pine Hills Youth Correctional Facility, describes how CPI de-escalation techniques improve safety for staff and residents. Read more »
Unrestrained - Episode 33, Guest: Kyle Schwartz
Hosted by Terry Vittone | Recorded on 10.12.2016 | Length 59:40
Kyle Schwartz, third-grade teacher and author of I Wish My Teacher Knew: How One Question Can Change Everything for Our Kids, explains the concept behind her book and Twitter sensation. Read more »
Unrestrained - Episode 32, Guest: Ross Ellis of STOMP Out Bullying
Hosted by Terry Vittone | Recorded on 09.14.2016 | Length 17:34
Back in 1999, Ross Ellis founded Love Our Children USA‚Ą†, an organization and website created to prevent child abuse and fight all forms of violence against children. Read more »
Unrestrained - Episode 31, Guest: Lori Blaire and Carolyn Garrett
Hosted by Terry Vittone | Recorded on 08.10.2016 | Length 36:43
Lori Blaire & Carolyn Garrett discuss how Dementia Care Specialist training gives clinicians a new focus on remaining abilities. Read more »
Unrestrained - Episode 30, Guest: Toby Estler
Hosted by Terry Vittone | Recorded on 07.11.2016 | Length 29:15
Social services specialist Toby Estler of Telecare, a locked psychiatric unit in Washington, talks about the positive outcomes related to CPI training and techniques, including dramatic decreases in rates of restraint and seclusion. Read more »
Unrestrained - Episode 29, Guest: Carleen Doucet
Hosted by Terry Vittone | Recorded on 06.8.2016 | Length 29:05
Carleen Doucet, crisis interventionist for the Lafayette Parish School System, explains how CPI training and techniques have made schools safer by improving the outcomes associated with challenging student behavior. Read more »
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