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Measuring the Impact of Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® Training

Since 2013, CPI has sent electronic evaluations through an online learning analytics system managed by CEB now Gartner. All attendees receive an electronic evaluation within a few days of completing their CPI training.

The first tool assesses how Instructors who were trained by CPI predict they will use our training content. We also conduct a follow-up survey at about 60 days after the training. This second survey tool asks questions specific to how they have actually used the training content and what tangible results they have documented.

The tools are called Metrics That Matter and include questions from across the 5 Levels of Evaluation commonly discussed within the literature: Level 1 - Reactions to learning event; Level 2 - Learning, knowledge, skills, attitudes; Level 3 - Behavior, training transfer, application; Level 4 - Results, job impact, trail of evidence; and Level 5: Return on Investment, business value. (Kirkpatrick Partners; Phillips and Phillips.)

Certified Instructors attending CPI trainings from January 2015 through December 2016 was conducted on the last day of training. Of the 17,200 Instructors responding,
  • 87% reported they have applied course content within the first 2-3 months.
  • 93% indicated that the CPI training aligned with organizational goals and priorities.

Respondents also reported that their CPI training will have a significant impact on:
  • Decreasing the use of restraints (61%)*
  • Decreasing physical aggression (69%)*
  • Decreasing injuries to staff and care receivers (68%)*
  • Increasing satisfaction of those they serve (65%)*
  • Increasing staff satisfaction (65%)*
  • Increasing their confidence in responding to aggression (80%)*
  • Increasing the overall quality of care (85%)*
  • Increasing safety for staff and care receivers (90%)*
*The percentages cited are of the 17,200 Instructors who responded.

Additionally, from the Metrics That Matter project we have learned that:
  • Within 60 days of attending our CPI trainings 61% of the Certified Instructors report they have conducted their first training*
  • Within 60 days of attending our CPI trainings 70% of the Certified Instructors also reported they have met with their manager about how they will use the training on their job*

*The percentages cited are of the 17,200 Instructors who responded.

Do you collect data around the results and effectiveness of your trainings? Share them with the CPI Research and Development Department.