Technical Requirements

Technical Requirements for Live Webinars


For PC-based Attendees:

  • Required: Windows® 7, Vista, 2000, XP, 2003 Server
  • Required: Internet Explorer® 6.0 or newer, or Mozilla® Firefox® 2.0 or newer (JavaScript™ and Java™ enabled)
  • Internet Connection Required: Cable modem, DSL or better recommended
  • Recommended: Minimum of Pentium® class 1GHz CPU with 512 MB of RAM (2 GB of RAM for Windows Vista)

For Mac®-based Users:

  • Required: Mac OS® X 10.4 (Tiger®) or later
  • Required: Safari™ 3.0 or newer, Firefox® 2.0 or newer; (JavaScript™ and Java™ enabled)
  • Internet Connection Required: Cable modem, DSL or better recommended
  • Required: PowerPC G4/G5 or Intel processor, 512 MB of RAM or better

To Hear Audio Through Your Computer Speakers Via Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP)

  • Recommended: Broadband Internet Connection (i.e., DSL or Cable). Otherwise you can dial in to the phone number provided after you register.

To check to see if your computer set up is compatible with the GoToWebinar software, please visit:


If you or your organization has a particularly strict firewall setup, please take a look at the following information:


The following link provides information that may help your IT team allow the GoToWebinar software to download on your computer:


If you are running a personal firewall program such as ZoneAlarm or Norton Personal Firewall, here is some information that may be helpful in configuring it to run properly with GoToMeeting.


Please ensure that the following programs are on the Norton, McAfee, or ZoneAlarm allowed connections list on the host PC:

  • g2mcomm.exe
  • g2mlauncher.exe
  • g2mui.exe
  • g2msessioncontr.exe
  • g2mchat.exe
  • g2mmatchmaking.exe
  • g2mview.exe or any entry listed as GoToMeeting or Citrix

These programs need to be admitted through three ports: 80, 443, and 8200.


If you do not know how to configure your Personal Firewall, please refer to the appropriate support information listed below:


Norton Internet Security and Personal Firewall
Follow steps 1–7 under the heading "To edit existing firewall rule sets for Web-enabled programs." 


McAfee User Guide PDF




We hope this information allows you to join the presentation. If you still have trouble, please call us toll-free at 800.558.8976.


Additionally, you might want to download and print this handy reference from GoToWebinar.