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The Total Solution Provider for Your Success in Memory Care

Learn about our Dementia Care Specialists (DCS) Total Solutions for your success in memory care. Take an in depth look into the history of the DCS offerings, and find out how our Total Solution can best address your dementia care needs and challenges, and help you achieve success in memory care.

In this webinar we discuss:
  • Statistics and trends related to Alzheimer’s disease
  • Common dementia care risks and challenges
  • The person-centered, abilities-focused approach required for quality dementia care, risk mitigation, and successful clinical and business outcomes
  • Description of our DCS total solutions and tools, designed to help an organization implement the person-centered, abilities-focused philosophy in every aspect of dementia care. Our solutions include how to prepare:
    • The built environment
    • The memory care process, system, and tools
    • The interdisciplinary dementia care teams
  • Success outcomes that can be achieved through passion, preparation, and successful implementation