Three Training Programs—FREE Training Resources!

Whether you're thinking about Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® training, Prepare Training®, or Dementia Capable Care training, we have tips, tools, and resources to help make your work life easier.


Equipping you with crisis prevention and intervention strategies for handling difficult behavior. Ideal for:
  • Educators
  • Nurses & Care Providers
  • Human Service Professionals
  • Behavioral Health Professionals
Customized Training Solution   Free Resource Pack    
Find out how on-site training can help you address your organization's challenges. We'll bring the training to you—right at your location and at your convenience.

  Get a collection of posters and pamphlets filled with tips and strategies to help you make your workplace safer.



Empowering you to manage workplace conflict safely and respectfully. Ideal for: 
  • Business Professionals, Human Resources & Employees
  • Corporate/Retail Security & Employees
  • Government/Utility/Public Transportation Workers
  • Hospitality Industry Professionals
  • Library Personnel
Customized Training Solution Kit   Free Resource Pack    
Where better to learn about resolving workplace conflict than in your actual workplace? All of our Prepare Training®courses, including our many Topic Modules, can be conducted on site, at your organization.

  Get a collection of posters and pamphlets filled with strategies to help you make your workplace safer.




Prepares long-term care professionals for Dementia Care Specialist Certification, and empowers organizations to deliver the gold standard in outcomes-based dementia care. Ideal for:
  • Nurses
  • Activities Specialists
  • Memory Care Directors
  • Therapists
  • Administrators
  • Owner/Operators
Customized Training Solution        
Let us bring Dementia Capable Care training to you! We schedule the course at your convenience, saving you (time and) money by eliminating travel costs.