CPI’s Professional Development Series for Educators

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Help Your Colleagues Meet Their Everyday Challenges

Do you ever wish you could share what you know about CPI and how well it works with as many people as possible in your school?
CPI's Professional Development Series for Educators can help you do just that.  
These 60-minute sessions allow you to share strategies and concepts with teachers, administrators, and support staff who may not be trained in the Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® program. Ideal for school inservice or staff development sessions, they give you the tools to share practical information and useful strategies to help everyone be more successful in their interactions with students, parents, or even other staff.

Session materials include a Learner's Guide and an Electronic Presentation. Your Learner's Guide order includes access to the session's downloadable Facilitator Guide. Click on the session title to learn more and purchase. Purchase a Learner's Guide for each individual you will train.

Helping Educators Defuse Difficult Conversations
Make tough conversations easier. When staff deliver difficult news to students and parents, they need strategies for making sure the people they’re talking to feel respected. Use this session to help staff develop plans of action and engage in scenario-based practice.

Proactive Strategies for Facing Escalating Situations Alone
Help staff stay safe when they’re alone. Interacting on your own with an agitated student or parent can be scary, but there are ways to manage solo interventions. Use this session to help staff plan ahead and maximize safety.

Promoting Positive Behavior Using Person-Centered Supports — Module 2
Expand and apply learning from Module 1. Module 2 explores positive, supportive approaches staff can use when challenging behavior occurs. Participants explore the concept of person-centered support and learn to apply this knowledge to workplace realities. Faciitate these modules together or separately, depending on staff’s knowledge level.