Total Solutions for

Memory Care Providers

Empowering and supporting individuals and organizations to deliver person-centered, dementia capable memory care.

Built on the knowledge that persons with dementia can feel joy, fulfillment, and love, we’re on a mission to create a Dementia Capable Society. We want to change the way the world sees, thinks about, and cares for with people with Alzheimer’s/dementia.

We give you the knowledge, skills, processes and tools to deliver evidence-based memory care to achieve positive outcomes for your residents/patients and your organization.

The results? Individuals with dementia and their families experience improved quality of life, caregivers find more job satisfaction, and providers achieve their clinical and business goals.

We do this by helping you:

Develop a dementia-capable team through our dementia training programs.

Design a dementia-capable environment via our consulting services.

Put the systems and processes in place to deliver person-centered dementia capable care plans and programs.