About Kim Warchol

When Kim Warchol, OTR/L, first learned about the Cognitive Disabilities Model by Claudia Allen, she was the head of rehabilitation at a health care center. Once she started to look at what people with Alzheimer's and related dementias (ADRD) can do versus what they can’t do, she was profoundly changed. With the goal of enabling persons with dementia to thrive and facilitating success for those who serve them, she founded Dementia Care Specialists in 1998.

Since then, Kim has become a national advocate for creating a Dementia Capable Society, showing the world that people with ADRD can thrive and have the quality of life they deserve. She sits on national committees and panels that advocate for the development of standards for dementia care, and is a former member of the Allen Cognitive Network board.

Kim is a highly sought-after memory care consultant, has lectured across the country on dementia, spoken in front of elected officials, and has written, or been featured in, numerous dementia care articles for a variety of publications.

Kim continues her work because she knows those living with Alzheimer’s/dementia have so much more potential than is realized.  This potential can only be fulfilled if we learn to adapt and compensate for the needs of individuals at all stages of dementia. We must eradicate the suffering, preserve their dignity and individuality, and allow their remaining abilities to shine through. Then and only then will the suffering stop and the living begin.

Watch Kim’s videos to learn more the core beliefs and concepts behind our paradigm-shifting approach to dementia care.

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