Benefits of Hosting

The many benefits of hosting include opportunities to:

Tailor the Content
Role-plays, practices, and drills can be tailored to your organization’s specific needs and challenges. Tailoring the content is guaranteed to make training unique and relevant, which, in turn, will make utilizing the proven strategies highly effective during a crisis situation.

Protect Your Investment
Your Training Coordinator will support your organization’s training efforts and help protect your investment. You’ll receive quarterly follow-up calls and reports on how your Instructors are maintaining their certification.

Schedule at Your Convenience
Training can be scheduled to fit your time frame, at a time and location that's most convenient for staff. This makes it easy to train staff on different shifts.

Maximize Your Training Budget
You can eliminate travel and lodging expenses for employees. Without ever leaving the building, staff can gain new skills, boost their confidence, and improve their productivity.

Invite Other Organizations
You can choose to invite professionals from other organizations to attend your program and to demonstrate your commitment to a safer, more caring work environment.

You may benefit from agreeing to host other professionals. This can:
  • Provide more perspectives on training applications and challenging situations.
  • Offer networking opportunities with other organizations.
  • Help your organization be seen as a model of best practices.

In addition, CPI provides you with:
  • Marketing of the program to other professionals in your area.
  • All necessary training materials.
  • Registrations taken for all outside participants.

In return, the hosting organization agrees to provide:
  • Training site (1,500 to 2,000 square feet).
  • Morning and afternoon beverages.
  • Reimbursement for CPI Global Professional Instructor expenses (meals, lodging, and transportation).
  • Contact person (to work with CPI on program logistics).

All CPI programs, including advanced programs for Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® Certified Instructors, can be hosted in this way.

Trust Our Team of Training Coordinators
Please call us toll-free at 877.877.5389 to discuss your specific training needs. We’ll be happy to develop a FREE training recommendation. You can also request a no-obligation, customized training solution.

"Because we brought the program on site, we were able to customize the program and ask the important questions that applied to our staff and students."
Dr. Kathryn H. Otto
Blue Valley School District
Overland Park, Kansas