Mini Courses

The Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® training program provides a solid foundation for helping your organization build an effective crisis prevention and intervention training plan. You can add options—and depth—to your training experience by enhancing skill sets that support specific program content.

The following two- and three-hour mini courses can be added before or after a hosted program and are also available as stand-alone sessions.

Safe Travels: Preventing and Reducing Disruptive Behaviors While Transporting Students
Transporting students to and from school or school activities can be both difficult and dangerous. This mini course helps drivers address confrontational behavior and maintain safety on the bus.

Reactive or Proactive: Improving Your Crisis Response Teams
Effective teams develop over time. This active mini course helps improve the process of building an effective Crisis Response Team and offers strategies for developing team cohesion through rehearsals and drills.

Be Prepared: Considerations When Facing Crisis Situations Alone
This mini course offers personal safety strategies for professionals who work after hours, have an office in an isolated area of a building, conduct solo home visits, or find themselves intervening with an agitated person when no one else is around.