Hybrid Training Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do I need special training to teach the hybrid training?

A. CPI has developed a course that Certified Instructors can complete before purchasing seats to CPI's Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® hybrid training. The online course is a comprehensive training of Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® training and an additional unit—Hybrid Basics—to learn strategies for facilitating this delivery option.

Q. If I choose Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® hybrid training, do I need to train all staff using this method?

A. No. Hybrid training may be appropriate for some staff, but the traditional classroom-based approach may be more appropriate for others.

Q. As a Certified Instructor, do I receive credit for the hours of training my participants spend on the web-based portion?

A. To effectively teach the hybrid course, you need to support staff during the web-based portion of training, as well as prepare for the classroom-based training. To account for the training time that you and your participants spend on the web-based portion, you will receive double training hour credit based on the classroom-based portion of the program. For example, if you teach the classroom-based portion of the hybrid training in four hours, you will be credited with a total of eight training hours for the web-based and the classroom portions combined.

Q. Will my participants use the same workbook for Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® hybrid training that we currently use for traditional training?

A. No. In hybrid training, participants use a customized Hybrid Portfolio that links the web-based and classroom-based portions of training. Participants are to use the web based reflective questions as a reference during the classroom session. Participants may choose to print the questions prior to start of the online session to follow along with the course and bring them to class for further discussion.  Certified Instructors receive Hybrid Portfolios when they order participant "seats."

Q. Can I order the Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® Hybrid Portfolios the same way I order workbooks?

A. The ordering process is slightly different. You will purchase the number of seats you need for your participants to access the web-based portion of the course. Upon purchase, CPI will ship the same number of Hybrid Portfolios. 

Q. How will I let my participants know where to access the web-based portion?

A. After you purchase seats for your participants, and set up your class, you will have the ability to send an email invitation to each participant. 

Q. How will I know who has completed the web-based portion of the training and how many seats I have remaining?

A. The LMS tracks the participants who have completed the course and provides you with a quiz score upon their competition. CPI requires an 80% passing grade to be admitted into the classroom session.  Information about the number of seats you have remaining will be available online. You will also be able to check participant status online at any time. We recommend that, for your own records, you track your seats as you issue them.

Q. How long will it take my participants to complete the web-based portion?

A. Generally, an average participant can expect the web-based portion to take approximately two to three hours. Because this is self-paced learning, some may spend less time and some may choose to spend more time.

Q. How long will the classroom instruction take?

A. Plan on approximately four to six hours depending on which units you teach and how much time you need for practice. A refresher course may take less classroom time.

Q. Can participants come to the classroom session without completing the web-based component?

A. No. Participants need to have completed and passed the quiz at the end of the course to attend the classroom session.  This information is made available to you via the LMS to verify that they have completed that portion of the course. If staff have not completed the web-based portion, you will need to reschedule them for a later class.

Q. When are CPI's Personal Safety TechniquesSM and Nonviolent Physical Crisis InterventionSM introduced or reviewed?

A. During the web-based instruction, there is general information about physically acting-out behavior and the risks of restraints, but no physical techniques are taught. CPI's Personal Safety TechniquesSM and Nonviolent Physical Crisis InterventionSM are taught and practiced during the classroom session.

Q. Whom should participants call if they have technical problems with the program?

A. The web-based portion of training is designed to run well with the most commonly used web browsers and settings. Should technical issues surface, participants should first contact their organization's IT department to ensure that the most recent version of Flash is installed and that JavaScript is enabled. Additionally, make sure your browser is the current version and you do not have pop-up blockers blocked.  If technical requirements have been met but problems are not resolved, call CPI's Workplace Learning Team at 877.877.5390 FREE.

Q. What are the technical requirements?

A. Technical requirements for your computer include:
  • Intel® Pentium® III w/450 MHz or faster processor (or equivalent)
  • 128 MB RAM
  • Flash 10 plugin and JavaScript enabled
  • Microsoft® Windows XP® (or newer), or Mac OSX v.10.4 (or higher)
  • Internet Explorer 7.0 (or higher) or Firefox 3.0 (or higher) or equivalent Internet browser
  • Audio capabilities
  • Printer access