Hybrid Refresher Training Option

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As a Certified Instructor, you know the benefits of blended learning for you, your participants, and your organization. Now you can facilitate an effective and engaging staff refresher using a similar combination of web-based and classroom instruction. Like all formal refreshers, this program reviews and builds on core content, and follows the same refresher requirements as outlined in your Instructor Manual.

You can use the hybrid refresher for any participant who has completed the initial Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® training program (via traditional classroom or hybrid delivery option).

The web-based portion of the hybrid refresher takes participants approximately one to two hours to complete, depending on how much time they spend reviewing content, watching videos, and engaging in simulations and activities. With a focus on application to specific work environments, the course introduces a simulation or gaming review tool that enhances learning. Your subsequent classroom session needs to be a minimum of 1.5 hours, depending on how many of the application exercises you choose to utilize.

When you purchase hybrid refresher participant seats, you’ll receive access to a downloadable Hybrid Refresher Instructor Guide, along with printed Hybrid Refresher Job Aids for each of your participants. Long after the training, participants can use the Job Aids to review important Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® concepts and how to apply them to their work environment. The Job Aids include removable Blue CardTM confirmations, which requires you to document this refresher training online.

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