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Implementing Hybrid Training
With the hybrid training delivery method, the classroom instruction can be completed in four to six hours depending on which units you teach and how much time you need for practice. A refresher course may take less classroom time. As for the web-based portion, an average participant can expect to complete it in two to three hours. Because this is self-paced learning, some may spend less time and some may choose to spend more time.
"The hybrid training program allows us to offer more flexible training to our employees. They can work at their own pace on the online portion of the training, and we can devote classroom time to activities that allow them to apply what they have learned." —Jennifer Howlett: Employee Development Coordinator

Using the hybrid delivery method is not unlike traditional classroom training; you’ll still organize who will attend training, prepare for class, and you’ll train in the classroom. In addition, you’ll be available to assist participants during the online training.

The following steps will help you implement hybrid training at your organization.

Purchase participant seats.
Certified Instructors purchase participant seats, which provide unique links to the web-based instruction. Blue CardTM Portfolios, customized exclusively for hybrid participants, are sent directly to the Certified Instructor conducting the training and are included in the seat cost. This Portfolio serves as your traditional workbook and allows participants to walk away from the training experience with a reference resource. 

Set up your class online.
After you log on to, find the My Classes icon and click on Add Class to set up a class and invite participants. To set up a class, start in the Class field and give your class a name. In the Instructor field, you will see a list of all authorized hybrid Instructors in your organization. Choose the Instructor(s) who will be facilitating the class (i.e., assisting participants as they complete the online portion of the course and conducting the classroom session), and click the Submit button. Your class is now set up. The next step is to click the Add Participants button. In the Participant field, enter the first and last name and email address of each participant, and click Submit after each one. As you submit participant names, an email invitation with details for completing the web-based portion of the program will be generated and sent to your participants.

Manage the web-based portion of the course.
As participants log in, you will be able to monitor, encourage, and support their progress so they complete the web-based learning. CPI considers this online support time as important as the time you will spend in the classroom, which is why you will receive training credit for that time. The standards for actual classroom time for hybrid training are:
  • Units I–VII and X: Three hours of actual classroom time (minimum)
  • Units I–X: Four hours of actual classroom time (minimum)
  • Refresher training: 1.5 hours of actual classroom time (minimum)

Facilitate your classroom session.
Set the date for your classroom session, and be sure to remind participants to print their web-based entries and bring them to the class. Explain that this is required and that you will view their web-based entries as their “ticket” to participate in the classroom session.
Document your training.
Hybrid documentation is completed entirely online and does not require you to mail anything to CPI. In addition, CPI will double your classroom time to account for the support you provided during web-based learning, so just document the actual length of the classroom session as the course length. The Blue CardTM is attached to the post-test in each Portfolio, so once you’ve passed a participant they can leave with their Blue CardTM in hand.
Have Questions About Implementing Hybrid Training at Your Organization?
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