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We don’t have to tell you that there are many challenges in trying to facilitate training; juggling schedules, trying to find the time to fit in training, and finding replacements are just a few. Hybrid training can help alleviate some of these challenges. That’s why hybrid training is an easy choice for many of our customers.

If you find it difficult to schedule a day or a day and a half’s worth of training into your schedule with everything else you have to do, hybrid training is right for you. If you struggle to gather your colleagues together in one space at one time because of scheduling conflicts, hybrid training is right for you. If your colleagues feel like they can’t be away from their work for that long, hybrid training is right for you. If it’s a chore to find replacements for an entire day for those you’re going to train, hybrid training is right for you.

Watch this video to see the benefits of hybrid training. Good news, every Certified Instructor is now a Hybrid Authorized Instructor. Purchase Seats today!


"Thank you for introducing the hybrid training option! It's ideal for busy educators and allows us to take our learning up a notch. Our discussions are richer and more in depth. There is also a major cost benefit to hiring substitutes for a half day rather than a full day." —Jadie Meyer: Special Education Coordinator

Benefits of Hybrid Training
Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® hybrid training offers benefits to the learner, the Certified Instructor, and the organization. By completing the training via the hybrid training option, learners attend the Certified-Instructor-led classroom session with a valuable knowledge base already in place. Key benefits include:

Classroom Efficiency
Learners come to the classroom training with foundation knowledge—key terms, definitions, and examples are already established. As a result, classroom time for Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® training may be reduced and refresher programs may be reduced even further. Certified Instructors can teach more staff in less time. And as a bonus, due to less staff time necessary for classroom training and more time on the job, cost savings may be realized for replacement staff, pay stipends, and shift differentials.

The flexible design of Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® hybrid training allows it to be used for first-time participants of Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® training as well as for refresher training. You can adjust classroom time for select groups, like Crisis Response Teams or managers. The web-based instruction can serve to enhance and reinforce learning.

24/7 Content Access
Learners can access the web-based component of the program at their convenience, regardless of the hour of the day or the day of the week. This allows them to select the time frame that is most compatible with their schedules.

Comfortable Pace
The self-directed learning gives participants the flexibility to proceed through the web-based content at a pace that is comfortable for them. Participants have the option to pause and review new concepts throughout the program.

Ready to Bring Hybrid Training to Your Organization?
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