Refresher Training

When it comes to refresher training, you’re likely wondering about one of two things:
  1. How do I get refresher training?
  2. How do I give refresher training?
Here’s how it works.

Getting Refresher Training as a Certified Instructor

As a Certified Instructor, you want to role-model for your participants how professional development is an ongoing process that helps build deeper expertise and proficiency. Refreshing your skills also helps you prevent training drift and ensure that your organization achieves its goals.
You can refresh your knowledge and skills in course content and its facilitation in a couple different ways: online or in person. Both are benefits that are included in your annual Certified Instructor Association membership fee.

Refreshing Your Own Skills Online

Online, you can watch our eLearning webinars, which are available on demand at no charge in the Training Center. To view these, you must be logged in to your Instructor account. The 2011 series and the 2016 series both feature multiple webinars devoted to content refreshing. These webinars will confirm some things for you, challenge your thinking in other ways, and assist you in changing up how you present information to your staff. Watch them at your own pace and view them as often as you’d like. 
Also keep in mind that CPI offers a bounty of other ways to continually develop your skills. From the CPI App to our podcasts, blog, and online Instructor Community for you to get active within, we’ve got you covered!

Refreshing Your Own Skills in Person

In person, if you’re already qualified in our enhanced Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® curriculum (meaning that you’re a Certified Instructor who has been through a program with us since July 2015), you may come back to Day 1 or Days 1 and 2 of a program at no charge as long as there are open seats available.
Attending a live program as an in-person refresher will give you the chance to see another Instructor’s teaching style, look at course content and take it in from a facilitation dynamics perspective (without the stress of any testing or teach-back requirements), do any needed in-person problem-solving (particularly related to physical skills) that can be challenging over the phone, and network with other Certified Instructors in your area.
As we make continuous quality improvement updates on an annual basis, refresher attendance is also a great way to stay in the know and always have the most current information and training resources.

Giving Refresher Training as a Certified Instructor

At CPI, we recommend that you conduct formal refresher training with your staff at least once every 6 to 12 months. With that in mind and following our whitepaper, 6 Considerations on How Often Your Organization Should Train [PDF], your organization’s policy should state and determine how often staff are re-trained.
All formal CPI refresher programs include a pre-test and a post-test, a review of core models, and practice of any physical intervention skills that you taught in your initial training. CPI will validate your refresher training if you use original Participant Workbooks or other approved training materials (such as the Flex Job Aid), incorporate the required content, and conduct the program according to our quality standard for training program length requirements (3 to 14 hours). Here’s detailed guidance on recommended training practices:  

Many Options for Refreshing Your Staff’s Skills

Whether you’ve upgraded your certification with our enhanced content yet or not, there are multiple training tools to choose from when facilitating a formal refresher. All will help you promote your staff’s retention and application of Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® principles and techniques. Your options include:[Login Req.]


The best trainings often start from a solid needs assessment and sound objectives that you intend to accomplish through your training. Never underestimate the power of proper planning!
Keep in mind too that organizations with the strongest results often conduct microlearning opportunities monthly or even weekly, by reviewing topics and practicing the skills they find most needed and effective through a variety of approaches. For example, encourage your staff to download the CPI App. It’s free to both you and your participants!

Do you have questions?

We hope this information has helped you with your questions about refresher training. If you’re looking for more, we have the answers you need. And we love talking with you! Give us a call at 877.877.5390.