Frequently Asked Questions


Q. How will CPI’s Prepare Training® program help my workplace?
A. CPI developed the Prepare Training® program in response to the increasing demand for adaptable solutions to manage disruptive behavior and potentially dangerous workplace encounters. The proven strategies taught in the program have been effective in reducing the frequency and severity of these situations, increasing employee confidence and morale, and fostering a culture of Respect, Service, and Safety at Work®.


The program offers proactive solutions so organizations can count on confident, well-trained employees who respond consistently and effectively to a variety of challenging situations. Any workplace environment facing difficult or disruptive customers, employees, or visitors will benefit from this program.


Q. Can CPI’s Prepare Training® program be customized for my workplace?
A. Role-plays, examples, and scenarios can be tailored to your organization’s specific needs and challenges. This is guaranteed to make training unique and relevant, which, in turn, makes utilizing the proven strategies highly effective during a crisis situation.

Q. Can CPI deliver Prepare Training® courses at my workplace so my employees don’t need to travel?
A.  Thousands of organizations around the world have taken advantage of CPI’s on-site training—an effective option if you have a number of staff members who need training. Just pick a date that’s convenient for you and we’ll handle the rest of the details. Training can be scheduled to fit your time frame, at a time and location that's most convenient for staff.


Q. Should my organization have a Prepare Training® Certified Instructor on staff?
A.  Most organizations choose to take advantage of the Instructor Certification Program—the most cost-effective, efficient, and comprehensive training option. With a Certified Instructor on staff, organizations have the flexibility to train all employees, regardless of work shifts. Certified Instructors can also set up training sessions for new employees and refresher courses at times that are most convenient. Plus, with a Certified Instructor on staff, organizations have in place the necessary components to implement ongoing crisis prevention and intervention training and to develop policies and procedures.

Q. How do we determine which staff should be trained?
A. All employees will benefit from the Prepare Training® program. Not only will it improve communication among employees and increase confidence and morale, it will also create and maintain a safe and respectful environment for employees, guests, and customers alike.

Q. What if we attend the program and find it doesn’t apply?
A. In the 30 years we’ve been teaching the program and out of the thousands of professionals who have attended, less than one tenth of one percent did not find the program applicable and received refunds. If you or your staff are unable to use the concepts taught at the program, simply ask and your money will be refunded.