Prepare Training®—Instructor Certification


Three-Day Instructor Certification Program


Become certified to teach staff in your organization.
The most cost-effective way to implement the Prepare Training® program throughout your organization is to have an Instructor on staff. During the Instructor Certification Program, you'll learn to master the intervention techniques and tailor the program for in-house training. You'll learn effective techniques for facilitating a group and begin to develop your own presentation style. You will also be assessed for your understanding of program content. Upon completion, you will become certified to teach the Foundation Course and all Topic Modules within your organization. During the program, you will:

  • Learn how to effectively convey the program's philosophy and content to all employees.
  • Examine a powerful teaching formula to use with adult learners.
  • Develop specific strategies for creating an effective learning environment and important techniques for facilitating lectures, discussions, and exercises.
  • Understand quality standards and benefits for Instructors and organizations that aid in effective implementation of the Prepare Training® program.
  • Explore the four key training concepts to ensure the program's greatest impact.
  • Learn how and why the Prepare Training® program is facilitated as an ongoing process.
  • Learn how to select and incorporate Topic Modules into the process.
  • Develop helpful strategies for preparing to teach Topic Modules.
  • Practice training and tailoring content to the unique needs of your organization.

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