Benefits of Instructor Certification

Participating in the Instructor Certification Program allows your organization to have in-house training resources continually supported by CPI. Participants learn key training concepts and strategies to help maximize the program's benefits for employees and the organization. This train-the-trainer option is the most cost-effective and time-efficient way to cascade the training throughout your organization and take advantage of ongoing learning opportunities.


Benefits include:

  • Develops a team of organization experts to assess and address ongoing training efforts to improve respect, service, and safety throughout your workplace.
  • Reduces cost for training staff.
  • Allows for convenient training scheduling.
  • Includes support via phone consultation with CPI staff.
    • Helps you adapt program content.
    • Discusses policies and issues specific to your organization.
  • Quality training materials.
    • Gives you the ability to purchase Prepare Training® program workbooks, products, and training resources.
    • Includes an Instructor Portfolio with facilitation guidelines and essential training information.
    • Includes an initial Instructor Certification materials kit.
  • Exclusive online resource center.
    • Provides online documentation of training programs.
    • Provides access to the Instructors-only Training Center, filled with training tools, materials, newsletters, and more.
    • Offers access to the CPI Instructor Community.

Program Objectives

Upon successful completion of the Instructor Certification Program, you'll be certified to teach the Prepare Training® program Foundation Course and all Topic Modules to other staff in your organization. During the Instructor Certification Program, you will:

  • Learn to effectively convey the program's philosophy and content to all employees at all levels.
  • Discover a powerful teaching formula to use with adult learners.
  • Develop specific strategies for creating an effective learning environment.
  • Learn important techniques for facilitating lectures, discussions, and exercises.
  • Explore the four key training concepts to ensure the program's greatest impact.
  • Learn how and why the Prepare Training® program is facilitated as an ongoing process.