Program Benefits

The Prepare Training® program is an ongoing process of employee development that's built on values that prioritize respectful interactions, a service-oriented attitude, and a safe environment for employees and customers. When successfully implemented, the program benefits everyone.


Benefits to Employees

  • Reduce the risk of injury by decreasing disruptive incidents.
  • Improve communication among employees by establishing a common language.
  • Increase confidence in verbal intervention.
  • Boost morale.
  • Alleviate the stress and anxiety associated with workplace violence.


Benefits to Your Organization

  • Minimize the risk of liability.
  • Decrease absenteeism and increase productivity.
  • Improve employee retention by providing the skills necessary to manage difficult situations.
  • Comply with legislative mandates and regulatory guidelines.
  • Create and maintain a safe and respectful environment for employees, guests, customers, etc.
  • Demonstrate your organization's commitment and contribution to a safer community.


Benefits to Your Customers, Guests, and Visitors

  • Conduct business in the safest possible environment.
  • Interact with confident employees who are trained to manage difficult situations.
  • Feel respected by every employee they encounter.