Program Overview

Build a Respectful Workplace Culture

With the Prepare Training® program, participants acquire skills that build confidence to effectively deal with irrational, angry, hostile people both internal and external to the workplace. With an organized understanding of how behaviors escalate and how to safely respond to those behaviors, employees become part of a solution rather than a contributing factor to the chaos of crisis situations. 


One-Day Foundation Seminar 

The Foundation Seminar consists of two components: the Foundation Course, which focuses on early intervention, and an issue-based Topic Module, which connects the Foundation Course to the unique needs of your employees and your organization. 


After attending the Foundation Seminar, Instructor Certification candidates receive two additional days of training to develop their skills and learn to tailor the content for conducting in-house programs of their own.  


Foundation Course

The Prepare Training® program is built on values that prioritize respectful interactions, a service-oriented attitude, and a safe environment for employees and customers. That value base is introduced as a framework for decision making in the Foundation Course. Improved communication and the de-escalation of disruptive situations are the intended outcomes. These outcomes are best reached when units are linked to one another and to organizational policies and procedures. Each of the seven units introduces skills and strategies to incorporate into problem solving and decision making when faced with disruptive—or potentially disruptive—situations.


The Foundation Course can be customized to increase relevance for different employee groups. During the course, you will:

  • Learn how crisis situations evolve and develop.
  • Examine the issues that impact Respect, Service, and Safety at Work®.
  • Explore the nonverbal and verbal elements of communication that can impact a crisis situation.
  • Practice de-escalation strategies.
  • Learn how to set limits with individuals who are verbally aggressive and noncompliant.
  • Understand the reciprocal relationship between one's own behavior and the behavior of others.
  • Develop coping mechanisms that can help maintain professionalism during confrontations.
  • Explore ways to learn from crisis situations and improve future interventions.

Topic Modules

Topic Modules allow in-depth customization to address the unique needs of employees and evolving issues of the organization. These two-hour information-packed modules build on the Foundation Course principles and highlight specific skills and strategies for addressing a variety of issues.


The modules currently available include:


After the Crisis
The long-term effects of a crisis incident can be either negative or positive. What occurs after the crisis is critical. Employee debriefing is the primary focus of this Topic Module, along with learning how to re-establish communication with the person who has acted out.

Challenged by Mental Illness at Work [New]
If staff in your organization deal with internal or external customers with mental illness, they need to know how to interact with sensitivity, respect, and safety. This course is designed to raise awareness about mental illness and build strategies for managing the challenges of mental illness in the workplace. The information also applies to extreme behavioral challenges with people who are not mentally ill.

Crisis Response Teams
A well-trained Crisis Response Team increases the chances for maintaining a safe environment. In this Topic Module, employees learn how to use Crisis Response Teams to deal with individuals who are losing—or have lost—control of their behavior.


Giving Bad News
Giving bad news is seldom easy, but it is a regular part of many people's job. This Topic Module teaches employees how to present bad news directly and tactfully so the recipient still feels he or she has been supported and, at the very least, treated fairly.


How to Document Incidents
There are many reasons to document an incident thoroughly and accurately. In this Topic Module, employees learn the value of good documentation to ensure appropriate follow-up action, identify patterns and trends, and assess policies and procedures.


Negotiating Your Way Through Conflict
The Negotiating Your Way Through Conflict Topic Module applies the CPI COPING ModelSM to a specific conflict negotiation process. The concepts and skills explored in this module can then serve as a format in setting up and implementing an organized and constructive conflict negotiation session involving the individuals or groups involved in an identified workplace conflict.


Opening the Lines of Electronic Communication
High-tech, high-speed communication systems are cost effective and efficient, but tend to decrease face-to-face contact. This Topic Module examines methods to achieve effective communication when there is no opportunity to see the other person or persons.


Setting Effective Limits
Setting limits is an effective and productive way to deal with difficult behavior. This Topic Module strengthens participants' interpersonal communication skills and minimizes the likelihood of becoming frustrated or angry in response to uncooperative behavior.


Situational Applications
Applying new skills to workplace realities is an integral part of effective training. Using role-plays and relevant, real-life scenarios, this module helps participants transfer what they've learned to the unique challenges they face every day.


Responding to Violence: Effective Policies and Procedures
This module offers practical information and strategies to address the preparedness of individual employees and your organization as a whole in preventing and responding to violence. This is a systematic, productive, and effective approach that will maximize safety for all involved.


Workplace Bullying
This Topic Module helps participants recognize the many faces of workplace incivility, understand their impact on an organization, and develop strategies for creating and maintaining a more civil, respectful, and safe work environment.

Workplace Substance Abuse [New]
Substance abuse is a devastating worldwide problem. This Topic Module will help you recognize workplace performance problems related to drugs, including alcohol and other impairing substances. It will also help you intervene in problem situations that may escalate to crises.

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