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CPI developed this compelling seminar to raise autism awareness and dispel myths about autism. It is designed to help professionals—those who have occasional workplace encounters with people on the autism spectrum—interact safely, effectively, and respectfully. This seminar provides important information that helps minimize risks and prepares staff for workplace contact with individuals on the autism spectrum.


Seminar Overview
This half-day seminar offers proven strategies and practical information that you can use every day and put to use immediately.




Recognize the characteristics of autism spectrum disorders.

The course begins by discussing the features, related behaviors, and special needs of individuals with autism. By learning to first recognize these characteristics, you’ll take the first step toward helping people with autism feel comfortable, welcome, and safe in your workplace. You’ll gain the skills to recognize when an individual with autism might need additional support and how to provide that support. You’ll also learn:

  • Why autism awareness is important to your job and your organization.

  • Ways that the unique characteristics of autism may impact how you do your job.

  • To identify special needs or potential safety concerns.

  • Simple strategies to ensure positive outcomes.



Relate in a respectful, knowledgeable manner.
What you say and do when you interact with a person with autism can have a significant impact on a situation. Well-intentioned professionals may be surprised when a situation takes a negative turn—simply because they don’t know how to effectively communicate with an individual with autism. You’ll learn how to relate the realities of autism to your work to avoid negative outcomes and decrease risks for you and your entire organization. You’ll also learn:

  • To adjust your approach or environmental factors in ways that may relieve the anxiety of a person with autism.

  • Special approaches for special circumstances—to maximize the emotional and physical safety of everyone in your work environment.

  • Simple ideas that can lead to more effective communication with a person on the autism spectrum.



Respond with appropriate supports when needed.

Once you’ve learned how to recognize and relate, we’ll give you an easy-to-understand model for responding to the needs of an individual with autism. You’ll learn effective response strategies and how to apply them to your job responsibilities. This awareness seminar will give you the tools to approach each situation with sensitivity and the special tactics it requires. You’ll also learn:

  • Specific strategies for communicating with a person with autism, even if that individual is nonverbal.

  • Why it is so important to respect personal space, and a safe, nonthreatening way to do so.

  • About the trends of victimization impacting people with autism, including harassment, bullying, and other forms of abuse.

  • How to monitor a situation so that it remains physically and emotionally safe for everyone involved.


This course requires no prior knowledge about the diagnostic or medical theories surrounding autism. If your job requires you to interact with the public, chances are you will encounter individuals with autism. Learn to recognize behaviors, relate respectfully, and respond safely with this important half-day awareness seminar.


Bring This Seminar to Your Organization
We can also bring this awareness seminar directly to your facility and tailor it to meet the unique needs and specific challenges of your organization. With on-site training you have the flexibility to train everyone in your organization who interacts with individuals on the autism spectrum. You can train different groups, teams, or departments at the same time and maximize your training budget. Call 877.877.5389 for more details.


Sponsor a Community Event
This powerful awareness seminar is also a great opportunity to demonstrate your organization’s commitment to a safer, more respectful community. Schedule an on-site training in your area and invite the public to attend and receive this important information. Call 877.877.5389 for more details.


CPI guarantees your satisfaction with this program. If you are not 100% satisfied, we’ll send you a full refund.


"I want to share what I learned with my branch members. This information helps us be more inclusive of those with autism in work and in life."

"This will help facilitate respectful ways of supporting people with autism in our residential and day programs."

"In our public library, we serve people of all ages and abilities. This is very useful and practical."


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