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Does your organisation work with potentially vulnerable people, or those who display behaviours that challenge?

With the MAPA® Foundation course, teaches your staff to respond safely, effectively and confidently to challenging or aggressive behaviours that may be presented by those they care for.

  1. Identify escalating behaviours and introduce de-escalation.
  2. Reduce the need for restraint and reduce the risk of physical injury.
  3. Champion a culture of Care, Welfare, Safety and Security

Fully flexible, the programme can be tailored to your needs. For example, if your organisation does not need physical holds, but staff need disengagement skills, then the programme can be delivered in just one day.

If your organisation works with individuals whose behaviour may be more unpredictable and present a higher risk, you should also check out the MAPA® Advanced programme.

Delivery Options

Instructor Certification
First the training is taught to you. Then you learn how to teach it. With our train-the-trainer, five-day Instructor Certification Programme, you'll learn how to master prevention and intervention techniques. Then you'll become certified to teach what you've learned to colleagues within your organisation. The benefits, standards, policies and procedures governing certification are also examined, as well as the legal framework in which you operate.

On-Site Delivery
We can bring the training direct to your staff at your premises. The course can be uniquely customised to meet your needs. Through consultation with our Instructor Services team, we will help you determine the right programme based on your organisation's needs and the individuals you support. You will have the opportunity to discuss and problem-solve issues within your workplace. We give you maximum convenience. Simply pick a date that's convenient for you, and we'll handle everything else.

To learn more about how MAPA Foundation® course can benefit your organisation email or call 1300 244 674 (Australia) or 0800 244 674 (New Zealand)


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