We’re pleased to announce the release of the revised Prepare Training® Employee Debriefing Strategies Topic Module. This module is now available to Prepare Training® Certified Instructors through our regular ordering process. This and other Topic Modules may be taught in conjunction with the Foundation Course, other Topic Modules, and Specialized Training Segments. This Topic Module explores CPI’s COPING Model℠ as a concrete format for a structured and constructive review of a crisis event once everyone involved reaches Tension Reduction.

Most people respond reasonably well during a crisis. However, our decisions, actions, and reactions will not automatically be efficient and orderly. An individual’s own resources are often heavily concentrated on imminent physical and emotional safety and survival. Some may not immediately recall routines and details. External structure and systems may need to help guide next steps.

Using CPI’s COPING Model℠ is one way to begin re-establishing structure following a crisis event. The CPI COPING Model℠ provides a concrete format for a structured and constructive review of a crisis event once everyone involved reaches Tension Reduction. It provides a simple, flexible, and adaptable template for summarizing currently verified facts about the incident while acknowledging various strengths that enable people’s coping mechanisms. It offers a supportive forum within which anyone involved may express some of the challenges they faced. It may introduce the opportunity to further explore potential difficulties that could affect employee job responsibilities following the crisis. It helps identify possible areas of growth and change in preventing similar crises in the future.

Employee Debriefing Strategies expands on the concepts and skills from the Foundation Course and other Topic Modules through more in-depth practical application to workplace situations.

Training Objectives
Participation in this Prepare Training® Topic Module will empower participants to:
  • Summarize the factual basis of a crisis event.
  • Explore assumptions and realities related to people’s responses to crises.
  • Improve team responses to crisis situations by identifying the positive aspects of an intervention as well as areas that could be strengthened.
  • Build trust, confidence, and rapport among team members. 
  • Support individual team members as feelings and perceptions are discussed.
  • Recognize and implement whenever possible the steps involved in re-establishing communication with an individual who has acted out during a crisis incident.

CPI encourages Certified Instructors to take advantage of Topic Modules to both expand on the Foundation Course and to refresh employees in vital concepts and skills. Topic Modules also provide you with the opportunity to tailor information to specific employee groups, or to address issues that occur in an identified problem area within your organization.

Also see Bill Badzmierowski’s recent blog post about CPI’s COPING Model℠ and the nature of debriefing!