With the introduction of a new behavior management component to our Dementia Capable Care Foundation Course this summer, more care partners can complete regulatory requirements and improve the quality of care and engagement they provide to individuals with dementia. In states like Indiana, this is also a critical opportunity to empower CNA’s and other direct care partners by providing them with the full scope of dementia care training they need to succeed in their roles.
We’ve previously blogged about how critical it is for CNA’s to receive this training, and now states like Indiana have made it a requirement. They’ve mandated that CNA’s get at least 14 hours of dementia specific training, and care staff who work directly with individuals with ADRD need at least 6 hours of training. Administrators are required to get at least 12 hours of training, and nearly all these professionals are required to complete additional hours of continuing education annually to keep their training current.
Dementia Capable Care training also fulfills the latest CMS requirements, boosts resident outcomes, and helps facilities to thrive by empowering staff to choose constructive and caring options that remove the need for the use of chemical and physical restraints—while reducing the likelihood of disruptive and violent behaviors that pose real safety risks to staff and residents. And it’s also vital to remember that all of our course offerings have been reviewed by the Alzheimer's Association® and meet their Dementia Practice Recommendations® in all ten categories.
Take a look at what recent participants in our new and transformed Dementia Capable Care training had to say about their experience:

(You can check out even more positive outcomes and staff feedback here.)
If you’re an Indiana memory care professional, you can’t afford to miss our next Dementia Capable Care training session in Indianapolis—you can get dates, times, and locations right here. If you’re not in Indiana—don’t worry! We’ve got sessions booked around the country, and we’re always happy to come to you.