Prepare Training® Certified Instructors, we've simplified our standards!

Many of your Prepare Training® survey comments over the past couple years have told us that you have difficulty maintaining your certification due to the hours and fee requirements.

We’ve listened to your comments, and in an effort to help reduce costs and improve your training flexibility, we've simplified our Prepare Training® Certified Instructor standards. Most notably, we have:
  • Eliminated the annual authorization fee so your organization can save money.
  • Removed the annual training requirement so you can train within your organization at the time and pace that works best for your organization.
  • Eliminated random audits and the requirement to mail in post-tests and evaluations to give you the option of documenting your trainings. However, if you’d like us to assist you with record-keeping, if your organization uses our business coordinator option for tracking your trainings, or if you purchase certificates, you will want to continue documenting your trainings.
CPI is a global leader in training and in order to help keep your Instructor skills sharp, you can renew your certification every four years by attending a recertification course. Please visit our Training and Events page for a current schedule of dates and locations near you.
We are also discontinuing our two specialized training segments, Personal Safety TechniquesSM and Violence Response Procedures II. If you are using either or both of these, please contact us so we can discuss options for supporting you in the best way possible.