In my role as Director of Client Services, I primarily support large integrated health and mental health systems. The issue of preventing workplace violence has never been as hot a topic as it is right now within the industry. How do we balance outstanding patient care, meet regulatory requirements, and provide for patient and staff safety—all in a fast-paced and continuously changing environment?

How do we ensure that we’re meeting the expectations of our patients and their families, of our accrediting bodies, of the CMS (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services), etc. while also meeting the expectations our staff have of working in an environment that’s free from violence and allows them to enjoy the work they’re there to do? This is truly a tricky balancing act. But there are models of it being done all over the world.

We continue to see organizations—from large systems to small hospitals to outpatient clinics—pull together multidisciplinary teams to address the issue of violence in health care settings. Groups such as OSHA (the Occupational Safety & Health Administration) and the ENA (the Emergency Nurses Association) are standing up and speaking out on the issue: Violence is not an acceptable part of your job.

I hope that this blog can be a place for us to examine those trends that are emerging—those best-practice examples of person-centered, trauma-informed patient care that results in outstanding patient satisfaction scores and inspires employees to come work for you. I also hope it can be a venue to discuss how implementing a culture change can help reduce violence within your setting. You can have an environment of nonviolence if you believe it can be so.

I am not naïve to believe that this is an easy task. There are environmental, economic, political, and ethical barriers always present in health care. But I’ve seen and heard of some wonderful ways to make it all work. CPI’s offerings can be a part of that transformation, but mostly change will come from you.

Come see us at ANA’s (American Nurses Association) 7th Annual Nursing Quality Conference™ next week in Atlanta, GA. We’ll be in booth 217. We’d love to hear more about what successes and challenges you’re experiencing. Let us know how we can help craft a solution for your facility. 

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