“Alzheimer’s disease is a deadly serious topic, and deservedly so,” says caregiver Marie. “But sometimes laughter is the best medicine.” Read the stories that gave Marie and her loved one a good laugh, and enjoy these all-season stories from the community on our Dementia Care Facebook page:
“When I was still trying to keep my mother at home, we woke up the morning after Halloween and there were candy wrappers everywhere. She had been up half the night eating candy. Then I walked to the front door and saw the huge bowl that I had the leftover candy in sitting on the floor and realized she had peed in the bowl. I laughed so hard. When she was a little girl in rural GA and they still had outhouses, there was often a chamber pot to be used at night in emergencies to avoid walking out in the dark and cold to use the bathroom. It was sad but you have to laugh when you can.”
“My Dad had vascular dementia. He was still capable of doing some things for himself but couldn't remember how to make a cup of tea. On days he was on his own we thought those Cuppa Soups would be good so after numerous attempts showing him how easy it was, we thought we'd cracked it. All was OK for a few weeks until one day I went to make a cuppa only to find the dried mixture of the cuppa soup floating on top of the water in the kettle!”
“I had changed telephone providers for my mum who has vascular dementia and also let them know of her condition. They called her to ask whether she was satisfied with the service. She told me a few days later and said that a man had called and said, ‘Is that Mrs.? Hello, this is <talk talk>…’ Mum said, ‘Well, you can talk talk all you want but I don't want to talk to you.’ She thought it was a cold caller.”
“When my late mum went into nursing home and a carer said to me on one of my daily visits, ‘Is your mum expecting? She’s knitting a matinee coat.’ I said, ‘Are you having a laugh? She’s 86!’ I never forgot it.”
“3 lovely ladies in our place wanted to get out. Our farmer had the bright idea to use the garden spade to jimmy the planks off the fence so they could squeeze through to freedom, caught in the act and diverted, whew!”
“Last Christmas I did all my mom’s Christmas shopping and wrapping for her. My brother and his family never came so their stockings and gifts were left waiting for them. The next time I visited I saw that she had unwrapped and eaten all of them or taped them to the radiator...she thought they were all for her! I could imagine the joy on her face when she'd see one and think, ‘Oh! A present for me!’"
“Walking across several pastures to a neighbor's house, entering house, use restroom, open fridge for Coke, and then sitting in the recliner to watch TV while neighbor is asleep on sofa!”
“When my mom was living with me, in the middle of the night I woke up to her yelling, ‘I can't get up!’ I ran to her as I thought she had fallen. She was in the living room in my computer chair. Every time she tried to get up, the chair would roll across the room.”
What moments have made you smile or laugh?
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