Editor's note: Last week CPI Europe held the first-ever Restraint Reduction Conference in Birmingham, England. The conference offered education, health, and social services professionals a variety of workshops focused on effective strategies that lead to measurable reductions in the use of restraint. The conference also saw the release of the Restraint Reduction Network™, an independent network that unites organizations that are committed to ensuring that restraint is used only as a last resort when there is a real danger of harm to staff or service user.
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How do you judge the success of a conference? I guess there are a few ways:
  1. Everything runs to plan; nothing untoward happens.
  2. Delegates tell you what a great conference it was.
  3. The objectives and goals of the conference are met.
It’s probably too early to say how well our CPI Europe conference has met its goals, as they are much longer term, but I think I can safely say that on the first two criteria, at least, our Restraint Reduction Conference last week was a huge success.
Logistically everything went to plan; only a small number of our anticipated 200+ delegates didn’t show, but all speakers and presenters were there in good time with the right information and all the equipment they needed. Everything happened when and where it was supposed to. A lot of credit goes to several individuals internally, as well as to the staff at the conference centre, who provided exemplary service.

Photo Gallery
Images left to right: Conference reception; Mervyn Eastman, Conference Chair; workshop attendees; Conference attendees' #RRPledges.
What Attendees Are Saying
The delegates provided us with feedback throughout the event and continue to do so through various means:
“Can I say that the conference was great—really informative, helpful and a little exhausting!”
“WOW!!!! How awesome was that conference!!! Thanks for all the work that you did to help make it such a success. It was AMAZING!!!!”
“I have been in Mental Health for 32 years and attended many conferences over the years and I can safely say this is the best conference I have ever attended.”
Via Social Media
“I was inspired and not just to join Twitter.”
“Absolutely fantastic two days—very informative, challenging and thought provoking. Thanks again.”
“Thoroughly enjoyed the conference. Speakers were excellent, both informative and very moving. When's the next one????”
“Having returned from attending the conference I would like to say thank you. It was a great place to have met so many knowledgeable and inspiring people. It certainly gave us food for thought.”
Through Our Feedback Form
“This has surpassed my expectations. I have been moved by the passion and drive of the speakers.”
“Powerful and motivating throughout the two days.”
So all in all, a great success, some learning points for us and something to build on. If you attended and haven’t had a chance to share your feedback yet, please do so below.