The ability to get staff on the same page. More confidence in handling—and preventing—crisis situations. Easy-to-use training materials. Loads of resources. Unparalleled support.
When you’re a Prepare Training® Certified Instructor, there are many benefits that come with your certification. Do you know about all of them, and how they can help you?
Here’s a list of just a few, in the words of your peers—other Instructors. Below is feedback from our annual Prepare Training® Instructor Survey. See what professionals like you have to say, find out what resources they use, and how to make the most of your experience as a Certified Instructor. And feel free to share more feedback in the comments!

Training materials and online tools

“Professional, supportive training and instruction from master trainers. Wide range of accessible resources and ongoing support including Yammer, CPI newsletter, and other social media options that allow sharing of ideas with other Certified Instructors is a major benefit. Easy-to-follow instructions and guidance in accessing and using, forms, and resources.”
“I love the smaller spiral-bound training notes for the Foundation Course that came when I ordered workbooks. I’ve also used ideas from the short training videos and podcasts.”
Here are the resources mentioned in the comments above. Note: You’ll need to log in to your account to access the first three.

Customized training with Topic Modules

“Prepare Training® content aligns with our needs. The Electronic Presentation is great. The ability to select modules allows us to tailor training to our specific needs.”
“I love being a trainer and would like to implement additional Topic Modules for my organization.”
“I get feedback from faculty and staff about how important this training has been at our college. We also like the ability to customize examples to specific departments and the interactive component.”
Check out the range of Topic Modules you can teach.

De-escalating tough situations

“With our training, everyone is on the same page when it comes to crisis prevention. We’ve been able to use the tools to de-escalate problems immediately. It stresses things we think are important but had never been able to articulate well.”
“Introducing staff to techniques for dealing with difficult behaviors in the library; helping staff learn to set limits and say no; introducing staff to techniques for personal safety and escaping a dangerous situation.”
“An opportunity to be proactive; the ability to add university/area-specific content; standardizing how different areas handle difficult customers.”
“My favorite parts of the program to teach are Precipitating Factors and Rational Detachment. Every time I teach them, it reinforces the need to be kind because you never know what’s going on in someone else’s life.”
“What I like is the specific training for our unarmed officers, the ease of material given to students, and the additional tool for officers to use.”
“Report writing, de-escalating potentially violent behavior, common language for all staff.”
“People continue to welcome this info, they feel better equipped to do their work and it just makes sense.”

Fees and training hours

“After nine years as a Certified Instructor, I really appreciate that the requirement for minimum number of teaching hours to maintain certification has been removed. This has enabled me to continue to offer the program in our small organization, especially during times of low staff turnover. Thanks!”
“Thanks for doing away with the annual Instructor certification fee!”
Back in 2015, to help reduce costs and improve your training flexibility, we simplified our Prepare Training® Certified Instructor standards. Learn more about these exciting changes.

Bill Badz

Bill Badzmierowski #1 first and foremost, he inspires me! I like the freedom of teaching at our scheduling convenience, small or larger groups. As a public library the information is relevant to all, from security officers to book-shelvers!”
“Bill, Bill, and Bill. Seriously, we received topnotch training and teach the Foundation Course four times a year. That keeps the content fresh. Love the guided note taking. It keeps Instructors and attendees on track.”
“I really appreciate Bill Badzmierowski as an Instructor. His training, techniques, and suggestions are excellent, and he is always open to questions from attendees.”
Check out Bill’s blog articles for strategies on workplace safety.
Thank you for teaching strategies for Respect, Service, and Safety at Work®. You inspire us!
Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® Instructors, learn more about your benefits.