Dr. Ron Walsh, superintendent of the Elk Mound Area School District in Wisconsin, has a few goals for every student: Community. Prosperity. Liberty. Equality.
He’s well on his way to achieving them. A Master Level Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® Certified Instructor, Walsh has trained the program since 1989. 
Under his guidance, students rise to the challenge of meeting their full potential. Walsh credits such success to keeping students focused on the end result, comparing it to a bulls-eye on an archery target: Students may not hit the bulls-eye every time, but by keeping the goal in their sights, they will succeed in the end.
On November 4, the Wisconsin Association of School District Administrators named Walsh Wisconsin’s 2014 Superintendent of the Year. Due to the improved student achievement, the school district has also received a notable Exceeds Expectations on its state report card.
The impact reaches beyond the schoolroom. Tim Sivertson, School Board President, says that Dr. Walsh’s proven strategies have made believers out of the board, adding that all students should be given the tools to become responsible citizens and give back to the community.
For Walsh’s part, he feels humbled by the recognition. “I am just an ordinary superintendent surrounded by extraordinary people.”
The award ceremony for Superintendent of the Year will be held in Milwaukee in January 2014.

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