Exciting news! Both new and recertifying Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® Instructors can now apply for undergraduate or graduate college credits [PDF] through Augustana University of South Dakota.
You can now apply for this option whether you’re completing an initial Four-Day Instructor Certification Program or a Four-Day Instructor Renewal Program.

Your earned credits can help you meet continuing education requirements for a professional organization, or you may be able to apply them toward a degree.

Some history

CPI has collaborated with Augustana University of South Dakota for a number of years. Historically we’ve offered two to three undergraduate and graduate college credits through Augustana University for attending our Four-Day Instructor Certification Program.

Back when Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® training was originally approved, this option was available only to new Instructors attending the initial Four-Day Instructor Certification Program.

Now, with the enhancements we’ve made to the Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® course and requirements increased to 26 hours over all four days, new Instructors, as well as Instructors coming back for renewals, can apply for this option.

Credit for Conference too

This option is also available to all Instructors who have attended the four-day course since our Instructors’ Conference in July 2015. If you attended Conference, the 90-day application deadline will be extended through November 30, 2015.

How to apply

Download this brochure [PDF] for application, payment, deadline, and requirement information.

If you have questions, please call me at 414.979.7084 or send me an email.
We’re excited to help you earn university credit for CPI training!