During much of the past year, Americans have engaged in a dialog about mental illness, sparked by the tragedies in Aurora, CO and Newtown, CT.

Most people living with mental illness are not violent. Despite this fact, but when violence does occur, the spotlight falls on people living with mental illness as well as on deficiencies in the mental health care system.

This year, the spotlight has had special intensity, including proposals by the President of the United States, congressional hearings, and interest among state and local elected officials. It’s time to make a difference. Mental illness does not discriminate. It can strike anyone at anytime.

The US Surgeon General has reported that stigma is a major barrier to people seeking help when they need it. The more people know, the better they will understand and possibly help people who live with mental illness.

Within the next few months, CPI’s Prepare Training® program will introduce a new Topic Module called Challenged by Mental Illness at Work. The goals of this Topic Module include raising awareness about mental illness, increasing sensitivity to individuals with mental illness, and building strategies relevant to people living with mental illness.

Upon its release, the objectives of the Challenged by Mental Illness at Work Topic Module will include:
  • Explore assumptions and beliefs about mental illness.
  • Describe CPI’s working definition of mental illness and related terminology.
  • Discuss realities and myths about people living with mental illness.
  • Explore interventions in responding to problem situations.
  • Discuss information on referring individuals who may be experiencing a mental health crisis to appropriate resources.

All current Prepare Training® Certified Instructors will be able to teach this Topic Module by orienting themselves to the Teaching Notes and Participant Workbook.

Please keep an eye here on our website and in your PrepareNow eNewsletter for the coming announcement about the release of this important addition to our Prepare Training® curriculum!

Get more information about Mental Illness Awareness Week on the NAMI website.