Classroom Culture Training

  • Monday, December 19, 2022
  • Pacific Standard Time|Virtual Training
  • English
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Classroom Culture Training gives teachers, staff, and administrators a set of core principles to establish and sustain consistent classroom environments. With a focus on application and technique, these principles integrate with all tiered behavior management initiatives while requiring minimal additional effort from staff. Adoption of Classroom Culture will result in positive and sustainable improvements in classroom and school culture.

Classroom Culture Training is available as a first-time instructor certification and as a refresher for an existing Classroom Culture-certified instructor.

Note: Classroom Culture renewal programs will be available August 2023. Please log in to access refresher course registrations.

Certification Training Class Hours:

Day 1 (Live Virtual): 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM

Please note: The live virtual day includes a one-hour lunch break. Please check in at least 15 minutes before the program begins.

How It Works

  1. Pre-training: Online Course (3-4 hours)

    Before your virtual training begins, you must complete an online curriculum, which includes an introduction to Classroom Culture. You will review course content, explore CPI modules, and learn important facilitation strategies to maximize your training. You will receive an invitation to complete the online course approximately 10 days before your virtual training.

  2. Instructor Certification Training (1 Day)

    New instructors will attend 1 day of live virtual training.

    Under the guidance of a Global Professional Instructor (GPI), you will attend a two-part live, interactive instruction session. Part one will build participant knowledge and model application of key concepts. During part two, you will prepare to teach and implement Classroom Culture in your school, as well as collaborate with other educators to build a community of support.

    Upon completion of your training, you will be equipped to teach the core principles and techniques of Classroom Culture to your colleagues. Your live virtual training will be conducted on the date listed above.

  3. Online Certification Exam (1 hour)

    To earn your certification or renewal, you must complete and pass the Online Certification Exam. You will receive an email with a link to this exam upon completing the live virtual session.

Course Registration

Recommended For: First-Time Instructors

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